PulsaCoil BP Replacement

You may need a replacement boiler if the internal cylinder of your PulsaCoil BP is irreparably split, or the cost to repair it outweighs the cost to purchase a new one. If you have been informed that your PulsaCoil BP is beyond economical repair, it will need to be replaced.

How to tell if your internal cylinder is leaking as the result of a split

  • The floor or carpet around your PulsaCoil BP may be damp to the touch
  • The outer casing on the sides and back may look warped, or show signs of rust bubbles
  • You may be able to see limescale trail lines running down the internal bulk head when the front cover (door panel) is removed
  • The return pipe from the plate heat exchanger may be showing signs of wet or damp blue limescale, as it re-enters the cylinder

The current replacement options available for the PulsaCoil BP

Over the years we have tried and tested several thermal storage manufacturers products within the UK, and know better than most which are more reliable and cost effective. If you need to replace your PulsaCoil BP, we would highly recommend one of these three thermal stores:

Each of these thermal stores are available for installation directly through us. Take a look at the individual model descriptions, or give us a call on freephone 0800 02 365 92 to discuss your options.