Are you considering a PulsaCoil BP Replacement thermal store?

  • Is your PulsaCoil BP leaking from the internal cylinder?
  • Is the floor wet around the base?
  • Can you see wet lime scale at the bottom inlet pipe of the plate heat exchanger?
  • Is there mould on the walls in the cupboard in which your PulsaCoil BP is situated?
  • Are the sides of you PulsaCoil BP bulging?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, it is possible that the internal cylinder of your PulsaCoil BP has developed a leak. As the internal copper cylinder is encased in a polyurethane insulation and then wrapped in an outer steel case, it is impractical to even attempt a repair, deeming the PulsaCoil BP beyond economical repair. If this is the case, a replacement for your PulsaCoil BP replacement will be required.

Fabdec Excelsior ThermacoilPCS-Stainless


Fabdec Excelsior Thermacoil
Open Vented Copper Thermal Store

From £930.81 plus VAT

Gledhill PulsaCoil PCS ECO
Stainless Steel Open Vented Thermal Store

From £1080.00 plus VAT

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