On the 17th October 2008 Gledhill (Water Storage) Limited (the company that manufactured electric thermal stores such as the Gledhill PulsaCoil, PulsaCoil 3, Gledhill PulsaCoil 2000 and the Gledhill PulsaCoil A Class) were subject to administration proceedings. A winding up order was issued on 19th October 2009 and after a change of name to GWSL Limited, the company was dissolved on 2nd August 2013.

As a result, unfortunately all PulsaCoil BP thermal stores produced by Gledhill (Water Storage) Limited are no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

The Plumbing Group Ltd. is a totally independent PulsaCoil BP specialist that has no connections with Gledhill (Water Storage) Limited or any other phoenix company that has since incorporated.